Quality Measurement

Organizations that best integrate healthcare providers and maximize the value of patient data will be in a strong position to deliver quality care across the continum, manage their population’s health, and optimize the reward for quality. As part of the Vision Platform, our Quality Measurement module analyzes data from all delivery settings, and supplies meaningful insight at the point of care for quality managers and administrators alike.


  • 100+ standard care guidelines, customization capabilities, and in-house medical expertise
  • Automatic and daily feeds from necessary data sources—not only payer data
  • Customized insights for providers, care coordinators, quality managers, and administrators
  • Unparalleled physician-patient attribution model
  • Analytics at patient, physician, department, facility, and enterprise levels
  • Segmented risk stratification with multiple models
  • Comprehensive reporting suite
  • Single web-based platform with clinical and financial data, and inpatient and outpatient data

Client Benefits

  • Provides baseline and ongoing performance management against quality measures with support for metrics including HEDIS, NCQA, and evidence-based care guidelines
  • Establishes standard programs for specific populations/diseases
  • Easily tracks performance to customized metrics
  • Risk scores patients clinically and financially
  • Identifies high risk patients and gaps in care to help clients address unique challenges related to their populations
  • Identifies, stratifies, and engages patients for population health success
  • Aligns physician performance with compensation
  • Improves overall patient health

“Valence Health’s willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty has contributed to our ability to maintain regulatory compliance and improve the care of our members.”

Mary Dale Peterson, MD,
President & CEO
Driscoll Children’s Health Plan

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