vElect for IPAs and PHOs

Whether your practice is looking for a solution for physicians to compare payer fee schedules side-by-side, streamline a messenger model process, or both, Valence Health’s secure web-based messenger model technology, called vElect, facilitates dissemination of fee schedule information and collection of physician participation status to ensure a quick, easy to use, effective process with minimal paperwork.

Valence Health combines data management experience with a state-of-the-art web-based technology platform to create unique management solutions for provider organizations.  Used by more than 50 leading Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) and Physician Hospital Organizations (PHOs), vElect is Valence Health’s solution to help improve quality, achieve organizational efficiency, and streamline messenger model contracting. More than 5,000 providers and staff use this technology to administer and compare contracts and contract participation.

vElect Web-Based Application Supports Providers in Messenger Model & Fee Schedule Analyses

 vElect Serves Two Main Functions:

     •   Facilitates a streamlined messenger model process
     •   Allows for side-by-side comparison of payer fee schedules

vElect Demo

Click here for a product demonstration.


  • Analytic engine to provide fee schedule comparisons using volume weighted specialty-specific utilization
  • Allow physicians to evaluate fee schedules on an independent basis
  • Assign provider unique user name and password for internet application access
  • No software or hardware required
  • View standard commercial utilization codes by specialty
  • Create and view customized utilization code lists
  • Compare Medicare fee schedules by geographic area, code, and volume weighted average percentage of Medicare
  • Sort by CPT code numeric order or service distribution
  • Administrative user functionality
  • Customized Opt-In or Opt-Out printable letter option

* Note: Providers can only access fee schedules for payers that they are considering or are currently participating with

Client Benefits

  • Facilitate and streamline messenger model contracting
  • Automate independent election process of payers for physicians
  • Streamline fee schedule analysis for physicians with variable view capability for specialty, geography, current Medicare comparisons
  • Auditable electronic process for selecting and declining payer contracts
  • Customizable for personalized list of top billed codes for practice utilization
  • Assist in demonstrating and tracking compliance with FTC messenger model regulations
  • At-a-glance benchmarks of local Medicare metrics
  • Aggregate organization-wide payer status elections for administrator user view