Data Collection

Our data capture and aggregation technology works across all delivery settings and eliminates the need for additional infrastructure. Our proprietary vMine technology is compatible with all CCHIT certified PM/EMRs and automatically pushes data to a centralized warehouse. We collect data from acute care settings, labs and PBMs, and payers, and we use proven algorithms to standardize and normalize all information before applying our proprietary master patient index logic.


  • Focuses on provider data as primary information source
  • Provides daily data updates
  • Compatible with an industry standard HIS or PM/EMR system
  • Can be installed remotely in less than 30 minutes
  • Features standing agreements with lab corp and quest


  • Easy to install – requires no IT staff and no onsite resources
  • Easy to submit – data collection is automatic and requires little or no staff intervention
  • Because provider data is used, there is minimal, if any, data lag time
  • Payer data is not required, but can be added for increased robustness
  • Faster time to useful data