Speakers Bureau

Valence Health Experts regularly speak at industry conferences and events. With expertise in all aspects of value-based care – financial, operational, and clinical, Valence experts are available for educational sessions for associations, conferences, board meetings and executive retreats. Below are some of the more regular talks our leaders deliver, but customized presentations can also be developed. To learn more about our available speakers and their areas of expertise, please download our overview now.

Clinical Integration: The Strategic Why, and the Tactical How

Explore in detail the underlying motivations, benefits and challenges of clinical integration for various stakeholders. Moving past just the theoretical, Valence Health will share an actual process blueprint for organizations looking to become clinically integrated.

Practical Population Health: Key Steps to Identify, Stratify and Manage Patients

Valence experts discuss the tools and methodologies to acquire, standardize and analyze patient information, identify care gaps both retrospectively and prospectively, and subsequently engage the patient to create lasting improvements in care quality. 

Details Matter: An Actuary’s Point of View on Value-Based Care

In a world filled with buzz words and high-level strategic plans, leading healthcare actuaries get down to the details and the statistical analyses that make value-based care viable for providers.

The Many Flavors of Value-Based Care:  What’s Best for You?

Based on more than 20 years of personal experience, and dozens of client engagements, Valence Health helps organizations understand the spectrum of value-based options. From shared savings programs, to full risk arrangements to provider-sponsored health plans, we outline the pros and cons of each option, and define criteria for selecting which approach is right for your organization.