Dan Blake

Dan Blake brings more than two decades of senior executive experience in the design and development of large scale, operationally complex, highly available software systems. In his role at Valence, Mr. Blake oversees more than fifty engineers and architects. A veteran of agile development environments, Mr. Blake is also responsible for overseeing the next generation of the company’s core Vision platform. Mr. Blake came to Valence directly from Airstrip Technologies, where he served as one of the company’s senior technical executives. While there, he oversaw the development of groundbreaking patented technology that has revolutionized medical device mobility.

Mr. Blake has a history of growing technology products into more robust SaaS-based solution suites. Prior to Airstrip, he was the founder and President of ArchiStrat Consulting Inc. where he helped organizations maximize enterprise-wide operational efficiency and market penetration via web and mobile technologies. Earlier in his career he served in executive positions at a wide-range of companies including: Aon, Andersen Consulting, Clark Oil, and McDonnell Douglas. 

Mr. Blake holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Computer Science and Business from Illinois State University.