Physician Hospital Organizations/Independent Practice Associations

Physician Hospital Organizations (PHOs) and Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) need to remain valuable to members. Group purchasing and administrative services are not sufficient for member physicians to remain competitive. IPAs and PHOs must expand into other areas, and support the transition of their members to value-based care. Valence can provide infrastructure, technology, staff and resources to help organizations reach their full potential.


  • Limited staff, increasing administrative burden
  • Increased competition
  • Consolidation of independent practices
  • Managing various payer programs simultaneously and efficiently
  • Non-standard data and a wide range of deployed technology
  • FTC compliance

Sample Clients

How Valence Helps

Valence works with dozens of IPAs and PHOs across the country to support their current operations as well as their transition to value-based care.

  • Fee schedule analysis and messenger model contracting: The vElect software solution empowers IPAs and PHOs with an analytic engine to provide fee schedule comparisons using volume weighted specialty-specific utilization. Physicians can evaluate fee schedules on an independent basis, and make their election to participate digitally
  • Clinical Integration – Valence helps integrate otherwise independent physicians into a technologically and contractually common network
  • Population Health – Using the Vision platform and Clinical Quality reporting, hospitals gain insight and control over targeted populations
  • Managed services – Our managed and outsourced services complement in-house resources and functionality. 
  • Financial analysis and reporting. Our team of experts provides robust analysis, auditing and reporting, sometimes regulatory in nature, then offers turn-key insights and compliance options