Quality Management

In today’s sophisticated and evolving healthcare market, provider organizations must be focused on quality management. Patients and providers demand organizations that have outstanding quality records driving market share and physician recruitment. Improved quality means financial benefits – through performance incentives, avoidance of penalties, or value-based payment models. 

Provider organizations need comprehensive quality metrics and the ability to benchmark against those measures.

Valence Solution

Valence Health’s Quality Management module provides all data collection, and compliance measurement required for a comprehensive approach to quality. Built atop the Vision platform, the Valence Quality Management module allows provides to:

  •  Collect and analyze data from any practice
  •  Measure performance against more than 100 standard quality guidelines, all of which can be further customized
  •  Generate reports


Driscoll Children's Hospital

  • Launched program targeting pregnant women
  • Reduced NICU days per delivery by 34%
  • Reduced overall NICU days by 22%
  • Reduced traumatic births 75%
  • Saved nearly $10 million in health care expenses