Physician Network Design

Markets are consolidating and shifting as never before. While employing physicians may be appropriate in some cases, buying market share is simply too risky and too expensive for most provider organizations. Instead, developing a clinically integrated network is often the best path forward. A robust, technology-backed physician network is the foundational element of clinical integration. Valence can help.

Valence Solution

Valence works with clients to define realistic goals for developing a network, then helps support all aspects of its creation and/or expansion including:

  • Market analysis
  • Network policy and procedure designs
  • Physician recruitment and education
  • Support for Clinical Quality Measurement and Cost and Utilization analyses through our Vision technology platform
  • Reporting and regulatory compliance
  • Implementation support


Valence has helped clients expand and cement provider relationships through clinical integration and appropriate participation within a risk contract or a provider-sponsored plan.

“Valence Health’s strong
data and analytical skills
have been a vital
part of our long term

Sara Carpenter, CFO
Alliant Health Plans, Inc