Clinical Integration

For twenty years, Valence has provided the software and services to help provider organization design, develop, and manage clinically integrated networks. Whether clients need quality improvement, strengthened physician relationships, increased market share, accountable care contracts, regulatory compliance, or have a combination of needs, --Valence offers the technology and process investments to acquire, normalize and analyze clinical information from a variety of physicians and hospitals.

 Our experts help dozens of clients structure clinical integration network agreements, write governing policies and procedures, agree on clinical guidelines, recruit physicians, and negotiate payer agreements with quality and efficiency.

Valence Solution

The Vision Platform is the backbone of our client's clinically integrated network. It provides essential technology including:

  • Automated, proactive data collection directly from provider practices and hospitals, regardless of EMR type or availability
  • Rapid onboarding with all EMRs and continuous increase in content richness
  • Data aggregation from labs, PBMs, payers, and ancillary care providers
  • Normalization of all collected information, and application of 20-point matching algorithm as part of master patient index
  • Analysis of aggregated patient information against customizable clinical guidelines
  • Compliance measurement and reporting against physician, practice, and patient guidelines through easy web-based interface
  • Streamlined patient outreach and engagement through targeted outreach via phone, text, email and mail


Valence clients realize significant benefits and tangible results:

  • Rapid development of a clinically integrated network – often within 9 months
  • Significant clinical quality improvements across a variety of measures and conditions
  • Increased compensation to participating physicians, measured in tens of thousands of dollars
  • Increased market share and physician loyalty
  • Improved payer relationships and alignment of incentives

“Valence Health’s willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty has contributed to our ability to maintain regulatory compliance and improve the care of our members.”

Mary Dale Peterson, MD,
President & CEO
Driscoll Children’s Health Plan

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