Care Management

Coordinating care across an entire continuum has never been more complex. Yet, it is essential to improving quality while reducing costs.

Every day, our clients oversee patient discharges, and subsequent follow-up, as well as post-acute care, home care and long-term care –all while engaging and communicating with patients and families.  

Valence Solution

  • Engages patients at the right time to improve outcomes
  • Identifies and closes care gaps along the care continuum
  • Effectively manages chronic and preventive care with analytics to stratify the population
  • Demonstrates care quality by reporting patient and provider performance compared to evidenced-based guidelines and measures
  • Provides easy access to longitudinal patient records and risk scoring
  • Reduces costs, maximizes clinical encounters, and eliminates redundant care - by sharing information and focusing resources on the right patients
  • Staff of more than > 40 Case Management and Quality nurses oversee every step of coordination process


Working with Valence our clients have been able to:

  • Reduce average length of stay
  • Reduce Emergency Room visits
  • Attain quality targets for Payer Incentive Programs