Valence Health empowers healthcare providers with complete turn-key solutions for value-based care, helping them better manage their patient populations and accept financial responsibility for the quality of the care they provide. With 20 years of experience and unique data collection and analysis solutions, Valence Health has emerged as a leader in population management and clinical integration, serving dozens of clients from physician groups to standalone hospitals to large IDNs.

The Valence Health 2015 Pediatric Collaborative Honor Roll from Valence Health on Vimeo.

In-depth actuarial analysis combined with operational excellence allows Valence to not only advise but also provide ongoing services to provider organizations operating under various value-based reimbursement models - from risk-based contracting to accountable care organizations (ACOs) to administering provider-sponsored health plans. Headquartered in Chicago, with two other office locations, Valence Health empowers 85,000 physicians and 135 hospitals, helping them manage the health of 20 million patients nationwide. 

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What We Do

  • Consulting and Best Practices: Valence experts share their expertise and experiences to help clients chart a practical path for value-based transformation
  • Clinical Integration: A proprietary technology platform to collect, analyze, and present information to providers tying different entities together through common data and agreed upon clinical guidelines
  • Population Health: A solution that provides the analyses to shift provider mindsets, create effective collaboration and reduce unnecessary admissions and ER visits through proactive outbound care and wellness initiatives
  • Value-Based Analytics and Services: Full suite of evaluation, advisory, actuarial and TPA services required to design, implement and manage various value-based payment models including provider-sponsored health plans

Who We Serve

IDNs/Health Systems, Standalone Hospitals, IPA/PHOs, ACOs, and Consumer Oriented and Operated Plans

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1996
  • 800 employees
  • Headquartered in Chicago
  • Serve 85,000 physicians and 135 hospitals
  • Support 20 million patients
  • Processed $2 billion in claims